We have spent over three years with tens of thousands of kilometers traveling to find information and collaborative for developing a music and multimedia engineering course in Thailand.

Now the music industry in Thailand is invaded by the international entertainment industry. Now a day the music industry has changed from the past, applying technology into industry causes the distribution process to be changed. The income from the old distribution method is hardly made any profit, thus the huge music entertainment company change their business model or change the structure of their company. From this point, this is the beginning of a big changing point for Thailand music industry. In the past, our music industry never stops creating new music styles or the new trend and the new bands is being established all the time. Many of the new bands have their music tour to be an opportunity to promote themselves, particularly free concerts at school and university. I still remember when I was a university student. Every year, artists come to play some free concerts for us to listen to, more than one time a year. Sadly, now a day this kind of show has changed in our music industry. The consumer changes the way to listen to music from a hard record to listen only on the internet. Some income is going aboard outside our country. Lack of sponsors or supporters to encourage some brand- new works. These problems have been made greatly weakened in the Thailand music industry. We have a lot of experts in our music industry but no supporter on the other hand when compared with the foreign music industry they have a lot of supporters and has developed a lot of using an advantage technology. There is widespread development in the music industry. The extension of the music commercial in some countries is designated as a national agenda. Because they have seen the great profit from the music industry and try to spread it into other countries including our country, Thailand. From the problem that we have a weakness as mention above, our consumer especially teenager has accepted their music since their music is easily accessible to everyone. After that, such a country can conceal various things into their music such as tradition, culture, food, even the propaganda for the export products. We are being greatly possessed in the consumption of their products. If we do not create our own identity we will lose enormously. In the future, our artists will not have any place to stand. Even in our hometown, we must adapt to the trend from aboard to survive. Many years ago, the artist who has fully booked 10 rounds of the live concert will be legends here we can tell our children that once we have a great artist. But not today, this indicates the cause of technology that affects Thailand music industry.

          King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang already has the expertly in technology and engineering. We are fearful about the point of the problems and try to use our knowledge to support our music industry to be the international standard. This is the beginning point of creating the Music Engineering and Multimedia syllabus in our country. We are going to use the expertly in technology and engineering together with an expert in the music industry both domestically and internationally to create a great crew to push our industry moving forward. To elevate our music industry to be international. It will be one important force in keeping our music industry alive and developed to spread around the world similarly to many countries are doing right now. So that the music industry in our country may not only the legend.



Institute of Music Science and Engineering

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Chalongkrung Road, Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520 Thailand

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